Medical risks of long-term stress

Weakens the immune system

  • It increases sensibility to different diseases and extends recovery time. Upper respiratory symptoms like cough and lung pain get more frequent and the risk of skin diseases increases as well.


Raises the risk of cardiovascular problems

  • Under stress the blood-pressure increases and the heart rate accelerates which is a normal reaction but in the long run it has a harmful effect. Permanent hypertension significantly strains the body and can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and in extreme cases even heart attack.


It speeds up the body's biological process of aging. 

Mental effects of stress

Increases susceptibility for aggression

  • In stressful, tense situations aggressive behaviour becomes more common, because the body is in an exaggerated condition. Aggression however leads to stress again and inducing each other they can cause a vicious circle which is very hard to break.


It can lead to excessive despair and depression.

  • Besides straining the body, excessive stress is exhaustive mentally as well. Permanent anxiety can lead to listlessness and loss of enthousiasm which in the long run can cause depression. Under pressure it’s harder to focus on positive things, therefore a lot of people tend to abandon themselves to negative thoughts.