Reducing the negative effects of workplace stress at companies

This infographic illustrates the effect of work-related stress on employees.





It is worth paying special attention to the signals of employees which show how they cope with everyday demands.


Examples show that companies who pay due attention to the health guidance of employees are able to provide a much more balanced and safer work environment.


According to the occupational health and safety regulations, the employer has to pay attention to the followings:

  • Identifying the factors that could cause stress
  • Providing safety trainings and regular medical care
  • Continuous contact with employees
  • Consulting with family members if a problem occurs


Evaluating the risks concerning employees is an integral part of management activities through:

  • identifying the factors that could cause stress
  • evaluating who could be affected
  • making management decisions about how to decrease, and on the long run how to eliminate risks


Observations show that it is worth paying special attention to the following risk factors:

  • Work processes and environment – use of biological and chemical agents, work equipment, handling machines, etc.
  • Work organization – working time arrangements, personal workload, rationality of requirements
  • Business system requirements – employees’ prospects, what is expected by superiors, possible organizational changes


Employees who - both mentally and physically - feel safe at their workplace can accomplish more and in a better quality during work processes.


A balanced work-environment provides the followings:

  • Appreciation and recognition;
  • The opportunity for employees of being listened to and heard;
  • Open communication;
  • Strengthening self-confidence;
  • An atmosphere free of stress and enmity;
  • A strong feeling of belonging together;
  • Balanced pace of work and workload.