The risks of workplace stress

  • Risks

    Negative stress occurs, when you feel unable to cope with the everyday pressure. This can lead to regular headaches, loss of interest in work and even depression, if not treated properly.

  • The economic effects of stress

    Long-term stress can result in reduced productivity, which causes significant annual loss of income to companies. The proportion of such costs can be decisive regarding the future of the company.

  • The medical and mental effects of stress

    Excessive stress can damage your health, and negatively affects your relationships with family and friends. It leaves its mark on your mood and overall well-being.

There is a solution

  • Personal solution

    Being aware of health and maintaining well-being is a personal responsibility. By following some useful advice excessive stress can be avoidable.

  • Corporate solution

    It is important to pay attention to proper help and guidance of employees - working both in the production and service area - in preserving health. For this reason the overall control of business activities and the transparency of the working system are essential.

  • Further information

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